What is Accelerate Prosperity


Accelerate Prosperity is a new global initiative of Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Central and South Asia, with a mandate to create sustainable enterprises through business incubation, enterprise growth acceleration and investment services for startups and existing SMEs. In Pakistan, it is being run under Aga Khan Rural Support Programme.

Access to our programs is competitive. Our mission is to identify and enable the next generation of business leaders, develop enterprises that drive increased employment and inclusive economic growth in areas with insufficient economic opportunities.

Pre-Incubation Services

that inspire and create entrepreneurs that can identify a business opportunity and create a viable business model to exploit it


Incubation Services

that help entrepreneurs develop a startup to exploit their business idea


Acceleration Services

that help existing business scale and become lead enterprises in their market segments and provides tailored pre-and post-investment mentorship and technical assistance (TA) to existing SMEs


Investment Services

that provide investment to SMEs and pitch selected-businesses to various local and national investors


Commercial Services

that undertake market assessment and feasibility studies for public and private sector organizations


Last events

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Prosperity Camp Khorog 2017

Prosperity Camp 2017 - first cump for entrepreneur from all regions of Tajikistan.

  • For 7 days our trainers taught the basics of proper pitching, teamwork and delegation responsibilitys.

  • They talked about the difficulties that every entrepreneur should be prepared for and what he expects in case of success.

  • The are few more months of intensive training and work with mentors. And most importantly - a meeting with investors.

Work with us

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